“If your business was our business then this is the solution we’d put in place.”

That statement is what guides our work with clients every day. It is what ensures that what we offer you really is the best solution (and not the best outcome for the sales agent).

In other words, we won’t offer a solution that we wouldn’t use ourselves if we were in your situation. The reason we can do that is because we don’t have any dominating agreements with a particular vendor and so we aren’t pressured, like some businesses are, to offer solutions from a certain vendor.

The best solution for your business is the best outcome for us.

  • We offer 24/7 Helpdesk for our maintenance customers
  • All our staff are highly trainined and very experienced
  • No outsourcing! All work done out of our Service Centre in Newington, NSW
  • Multiple solutions available, we’re not going to force a square peg into a round hole
  • Guarenteed cost savings with multiple VoIP Carriers available

That’s what we have been successfully delivering for clients since 1990 and it is the reason that we have been trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients, across Sydney, Australia and New Zealand. It is what will give you peace of mind that you’ll receive a quality solution, tailored to your business, at a great price.

A positive by-product of putting the customer first is our staff retention. Almost everyone who begins working for us stays on. Interestingly, that loyalty translates to great support for you because you know that you can ring and receive support from someone you know and who knows your business.

It is what allows us to offer 24×7 support and unlimited free training. That means we can help you ensure business continuity by ensuring that you are never left struggling for critical support or frustrated by new staff training.

In 1990, when our Founder, George Minucos started Reliance Communications, he never saw it simply as a sales job. Instead, he wanted to focus on the customer and the best solutions for them. That’s how George started the business and that is what we are proud to continue today.

Let Us Help You

We can save you time, stress and costs by ensuring you have a tailored solution that is perfect for your business.

All of our consultations and quotes are free and there is no obligation whatsoever. So why not explore how we can deliver the best solution for your business.