MiTel – Business IP Phone System

Regardless of the size of your organisation, and the industry you operate in, MiTel prides itself on providing business phone systems that ‘just work’. Our MiTel solutions are designed from the ground up to ensure that work flows are streamlined for everyone while also providing you with full control and management of the system yourself.

MiTel know that communications are a critical application in your business and that’s why their solutions focus on enhancing it.

MiTel’s IP solutions are perfect for small and medium organisations, regardless of whether you have one site or more, because their solutions come with a great range of standard features with additional features available through licence keys if and when you require them.

Standard Features across all MiTel’s IP solutions include:

  • Outlook Integration (inc. Calendar Automation)
  • In Depth Call Reporting
  • Desktop UC Application

Best additional features available (through licence keys):

  • Web & Audio Conferencing
  • Multimedia Contact Centre
  • CRM integration (, Dynamics etc)

Let Us Help You

We can save you time, stress and costs by ensuring you have a tailored solution that is perfect for your business.

All of our consultations and quotes are free and there is no obligation whatsoever. So why not explore how we can deliver the best solution for your business.

Business IP Phone System