There are many advantages to you having your business phone system hosted. Hosting your phone system in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular compared to purchasing, installing and then maintaining a PABX on your own premises.

Through hosting, we can provide you software as a service (SaaS) where you can pay a suitable fixed monthly subscription. This helps immensely with cash-flow compared to purchasing, installing and maintaining a system outright and also reduces the total cost of ownership.

Through a fixed cost monthly subscription, you can use cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) which are hosted in secure data centres. This gives you the ability to own, configure and manage the system exactly how you want it. Furthermore, because it is cloud-based, you’ll always have the flexibility to access the most appropriate solution for your unique business and do so at a price much cheaper than buying outright.

Some of the specific benefits that a hosted cloud solution can provide your business include:

  • lesser total cost of ownership (compared to a PABX system);
  • lesser staff costs (as you won’t have to have staff managing your system);
  • improved staff focus (as staff will not need to focus on an in-house PABX system);
  • optimised customer call flow;
  • fixed monthly cost;
  • improved security;
  • scaleability;
  • ability to support staff remotely;
  • easy implementation;
  • ongoing support; and
  • increased flexibility to meet changing demands.

All of that adds up to a better and cheaper solution for your business.

At Reliance Communications, we can not only help you with the right hosted cloud solution but will also provide:

  • dedicated staff to monitor your system for issues and proactively manage your system;
  • on-demand training and ongoing support to ensure you maximise the efficiencies offered; and
  • a focus on ensuring you access the most up-to-date software and systems available.

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