We understand that providing the best customer service levels, while still running your business as efficiently as possible, is a challenging balance. That’s why it is important to capture the right data so that you can make the right decisions around staff performance, focus and resources.

By capturing the right data, you’ll:

  • empower your administration team with real-time information;
  • identify productivity roadblocks;
  • be able to measure and improve staff efficiency;
  • enhance Contact Centre service levels through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • manage the business better with real time indicators and alerts; and
  • improve accountability to departments and divisions for cost allocations.

Whether you are running a single site location, traditional voice contact centre, a dynamic inbound service department or a fully integrated multimedia contact centre with phone, email, social media and web chat, we can help.

Our Call Recording solution streamline all these customer interaction channels and provides tools to your receptionists, call centre agents, supervisors and management to better manage engagement with your customers and prospective customers.


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